We are all in this together.

This pandemic changes the way we live.

We need to know how COVID-19 impacts our lives to be able to define what we want our city to do to face the future with renewed hope and optimism.

Our Research Objectives

What we want to know

We want to know how businesses are affected by the pandemic and how they are coping.

We want to know the impact of the pandemic on workers/employees and their families.

We want to learn about the plight of own-account workers in dealing with this crisis.

What we have done so far.

We surveyed businessmen and employees and workers.

We conducted a rapid job loss survey in Tagbilaran city barangays.

We talked to 100 tricycle drivers.

We interviewed businessmen, market vendors and ordinary people.

We scraped social media sites to understand sentiments of Tagbilaranons.

If you want to contribute to this research or want to subscribe to updates, please drop us your details below.

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