What do we know so far?

Vendors selling meat, fish, and seafood experienced the sharpest decline in sales.

Market vendors in Tagbilaran’s key markets (e.g. Dao, Cogon, and Manga) experienced an overall decline in sales. Meat, fish, and seafood vendors experienced the sharpest decline as consumers switched to cheaper alternatives. After the imposition of the enhanced community quarantine, sales started to increase slowly, but recovery is not yet in sight.

Despite the negative effects brought about by COVID-19, employees and workers experience positive impact.

Employees and employees we surveyed felt that the top negative impacts of COVID-19 are decrease in income (35.4%), difficulty in buying necessities (32.3%) and depression and anxiety (19.2%). Despite these, they also reported positive effects brought about by the pandemic. Because of limited movement, almost half (49.2%) reported that they now have more time to… Continue Reading →

Employees and workers express the likelihood of getting depressed, contracting the virus, or losing their jobs.

29% of employees and workers expressed the likelihood of getting depressed. 26% of employees and workers are worried they might contract the virus. 21% of employees and workers see the likelihood that they will lose their jobs in the next six months. These call for really concrete measures in combating mental health, containing the spread… Continue Reading →

Businesses, whose revenues rely on customers based outside Bohol, are the ones facing the risk of closure in the next six months.

Businesses that are primarily reliant on customers based outside of Bohol (e.g. tourists, external domestic and foreign buyers) face the greatest risk of closure. With inbound and outbound travel restrictions and difficulties in transporting goods from the province to outside customers, they will be the one who will likely lose out. As earlier pointed out,… Continue Reading →

Workers report that they now have more time to spend with their families. However, depression and anxiety start to affect a few.

Workers we surveyed identified a few positive effects of the pandemic. Some (45%) said they now have more time to spend with their family, while a few others said they are now able to pursue their hobbies (25%), engage in income-generating activities (23%), and connect with friends (21%). However, the pandemic also start to impact… Continue Reading →


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