5,154 jobs from the service sector were temporarily or permanently lost due to COVID-19.

As earlier reported in the case of businesses, the service sector is the worst hit, even for employees or workers. Across Tagbilaran City’s 15 barangays, those working in the service sector are the ones most affected by the pandemic. 5,154 jobs is equivalent to 73% of total jobs lost when Enhanced Community Quarantine was imposed in the city.

Those working in the transport sector also lost jobs. At least 846 workers in the sector (from drivers of public utility vehicles to company drivers and tourist van operators) lost their main source of income because of mobility restrictions.

How many of these jobs will be able to recover? Another rapid job loss survey is needed to determine this. If you want to support this, please let us know.

10% of total working population in Tagbilaran City lost their jobs.

At least 10 percent of the total working population of Tagbilaran City had their jobs temporarily or permanently affected. This is a direct consequence of the forced closure of establishments when the city was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Barangay Cogon has the most number of workers (1,784) whose jobs were temporarily or permanently suspended, followed by Booy (853 workers), and Poblacion II (682 workers).

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