Vendors selling meat, fish, and seafood experienced the sharpest decline in sales.

Market vendors in Tagbilaran’s key markets (e.g. Dao, Cogon, and Manga) experienced an overall decline in sales. Meat, fish, and seafood vendors experienced the sharpest decline as consumers switched to cheaper alternatives.

After the imposition of the enhanced community quarantine, sales started to increase slowly, but recovery is not yet in sight.

Despite the negative effects brought about by COVID-19, employees and workers experience positive impact.

Employees and employees we surveyed felt that the top negative impacts of COVID-19 are decrease in income (35.4%), difficulty in buying necessities (32.3%) and depression and anxiety (19.2%).

Despite these, they also reported positive effects brought about by the pandemic. Because of limited movement, almost half (49.2%) reported that they now have more time to for their families. Some (24.9) were able to pursue their hobbies like cooking, gardening, sewing, while others (22.6%) were able to find new ways of generating other sources of income.

Service establishments and retailers in Tagbilaran City are more vulnerable to business closure.

Half of the service establishments we surveyed said that they face the risk of closure in the next 6 months. On the other hand, 46.7% of retailers and 44.4% of manufacturers surveyed expressed the same.

What is alarming is that 28.6% of retailers and 11.4% of service establishments surveyed expressed that if the current business climate continues, they will be forced to close in a month or less.

10% of total working population in Tagbilaran City lost their jobs.

At least 10 percent of the total working population of Tagbilaran City had their jobs temporarily or permanently affected. This is a direct consequence of the forced closure of establishments when the city was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Barangay Cogon has the most number of workers (1,784) whose jobs were temporarily or permanently suspended, followed by Booy (853 workers), and Poblacion II (682 workers).

Majority of businesses are negatively impacted by COVID-19

96.12% of of the 206 businesses operating in Tagbilaran City that we surveyed reported a significant decrease in sales.

Majority of them (57.58%) reported a decrease in sales by 51-100%. This means that several businesses had no revenues especially during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) because of temporary business closure.

This resulted to the temporary reduction of workers or employees. 91.26% of businesses surveyed reported a decrease in the number of workers by at least 25%.

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